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gas generators

Getting gas from any biomass, organic waste and other substances containing combustible organic matter.
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Waste disposal plants

Eco-friendly recycling waste of grain processing, woodworking, poultry and other enterprises.
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Effective drying of materials for further processing, use in livestock and poultry farming, use as fuel.
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Today we can say with confidence that we are able to offer solutions to at least three issues on the agenda, practically at every production enterprise from the grain processing, poultry, woodworking industries and housing and communal services.

We know how:

  1. Utilize (gasify) almost any waste containing combustible organic matter, and solve the environmental issue.
  2. Organize the transfer of existing boiler houses from imported or expensive ones to local ones – cheap fuels, waste or renewable sources (biomass) and ensure their stable operation.
  3. Ensure the generation of heat energy using the generator gas obtained from the waste.

We will help you resolve issues with waste disposal

RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY production waste disposal plants are capable of processing agricultural waste, grain processing waste, wood processing waste, other organic waste and biomass, as well as some types of municipal solid waste.

During the waste processing process, generator gas is obtained. Gas from waste disposal can be used for subsequent combustion in boiler burners and heating of heat carriers.

The main advantage of our recycling plants is the cleanliness of the technology. In the process of waste processing, the factors of incomplete fuel combustion are excluded, there is no formation and emission of nitrogen oxides.

Our equipment is able to recycle:

  • wood waste;
  • waste of grain processing industries;
  • waste from agricultural and poultry enterprises;
  • some types of municipal waste;
  • other biomass waste and containing combustible organic matter.


The relevance of our equipment increases with each increase in prices for traditional energy sources, stricter environmental requirements and the rise in the cost of transport services.

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We will convert boiler houses to waste or local fuels

Any organic matter and waste unsuitable for use in traditional power engineering can serve as fuel for our gas generating plants.

We offer interested companies to organize the installation of our equipment, which will be integrated into the existing energy system of the enterprise. Such modernization will allow:

  • ensure the conversion of boiler houses to affordable alternative fuels or waste;
  • to increase the energy independence of the enterprise;
  • reduce costs.

We will ensure the production of heat energy from waste gas using generator gas

Equipment manufactured by RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY is capable of generating energy from various wastes and types of fuel. Our plants are universal energy systems.

We will send the generated gas, which will be obtained, during the thermal decomposition of the fuel to the modernized burner device of your boiler. Heating of water or other working fluid will be provided by combustion of generator gas. In addition, we have provided for the possibility of duplicating the existing (main) energy carrier, if it is impractical to completely replace it.

Power systems, gas generating equipment and waste disposal plants are available in both stationary and modular design. All installations are completed with control automation and supply lines. It is mounted on a turnkey basis.

Projects implemented by RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY

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